laurie02_webAbacus and Quill is Laurie Mandell.

I’m a writer/designer who takes my work, but not myself, too seriously. That’s part of why I chose Abacus and Quill as my domain. While the tools of the abacus and the quill are antiquated, their beauty and function is not.

I love travel, the English language, being goofy, multi-modal traffic, photography, gardening, interior design, and my brilliant daytime entertainment – Gigi and Mark. The love I have for my children, who can also be quite entertaining and wonderful, is nearly indescribable. UPDATE: Michiko is our newest addition.*

I can tell you that my writing career got off to a rough start when, at the age of five, my older brother and sister encouraged me to climb onto the top of the backyard swing set. When I fell, it was into the rose bushes, and so I entered kindergarten with a cast on my right arm. Learning to form letters with my left hand when naturally right handed, I believe, forever changed me. I also believe that first drafts written long-hand are better thought out than those that are typed.

I studied 219400_10150174632951590_5315326_ofilm at the University of Colorado and I have an abiding love of movies as a visual art. I enjoy the experience of being a willing and thoughtful audience member to a variety of art forms (acting, directing, screenwriting, costume, lighting, cinematography…) happening all at once. The act of film is an overwhelming miracle and I sit in wonder at the enormity of the accomplishment. The act of writing, while often a solitary art, can also be a wonderful act of collaboration.

Coming out of school with a film degree in the early ’90’s was…ridiculous. My first real job was back home in San Diego, reconciling pension benefit trusts working under the supervision of CPAs, former IRS agents and an Actuary. And I loved it! They were great people and I hated to leave them for the Pacific Northwest. But I did, and here I remain.

And that’s when I entered the world of marketing, which opened my eyes to the kind of creativity that really gets me moving. Words and pictures working together.

Come on! Let’s have some fun together


gigiGigi is a lazy cat with prickly paws and a loving heart. She is named for a character in the Hayao Miyazaki masterpiece, Kiki’s Delivery Service, which everyone should run out and buy.

Mark is also a lazy cat, who enjoys being high-centered on a variety of objects. We believe it is to relieve the pressure from carrying around his massive belly, which likes to be rubbed.mark highcentered

*Michiko rounds out the trio. Our new puppy is named for another Miyazaki character – this time from My Neighbor Totoro, another family favorite. You can follow the adventures of the Mischievous Michiko on Facebook, because I needed another creative is my copilot

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