Professional writer/designer seeking engaged business owners to join forces.

You: Staring at a blank page… or maybe just avoiding it altogether.

Me: Turning blank pages (virtual or printed) into words and pictures that positively represent you and your business. As a profession, I’ve been at this since 1992. As a passion, I’ve been putting words and images to paper for a whole lot longer. It’s what I do.

The goal: Improving your communication and strengthening your business.

Laurie Mandell
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You know your business inside and out, understand the competition and the industry at large. You know where you’re headed and just need some help getting there.

What project? Well, that’s up to you.

It could be a response to an RFP, a series of blog posts, or even help developing your entire web presence. Maybe you have some employee manuals or internal policy documents that need to be created, or you need to publish a newsletter by Thursday, or perhaps you have a marketing department that needs some extra capacity or a fresh point of view.

I specialize in working with professional service providers – lawyers, accountants, psychologists, engineers and software developers – to communicate what they do (or will do) for their customer and how they do it.

I have a background in film and marketing, and nearly a decade of experience writing formal sales documents (tenders, responses to RFPs, RFIs, RFQs, etc.). I’ve got the know-how to plan and organize your project – to develop a strategy which quickly moves it from concept to completion. I’ll skillfully draw information from your subject matter experts to develop original content in a single voice, and I’ll deliver it on time.